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My Life Be Like Oooh Ahhh April 2, 2012

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Hi to everyone reading this. 

This is my very first blog and I’m kind of nervous so bare with me.
First, I’d like to introduce to you my little family that you will read about throughout my blogs.  Mya is our four year old Boston Terrier, Dillon is our two year old Boston Terrier , and Dallas is our third baby who is a eight month old Pitt Bull. Jason is my significant other going on 7 years now. That completes our little family.
    We recently took a big adult step mid 2010 and purchased a house. It was the perfect time for buyer’s and we got one heck of a deal on our house. There’s actually a story behind the house. We started looking for houses during a snow storm in 2010. We came across a foreclosure and decided to take a look because the price was too good to be true. It was too good to be true. The house was completely trashed and I’ll save those details for another blog. Anywho, Jason didn’t want to look past the imperfections and pretty much said NO off the first bat. Well one night we had a talk and I convinced him to look beyond the imperfections  and to think about how we can pretty much redesign the house into what we want it to be. It worked! This is where I found my passion for decorating. I picked all the colors out for the walls, and all of the furniture out, and I have to say I did a fantastic job. Below are three photos of the before, after, and final process of our kitchen remodeled DIY style.


So, now that we have a house, the question who is going to do all of the cooking crossed my mind.  I seriously sat and wished that the food would cook itself. Clearly, that didn’t work. I had always watched my mother cook as I was growing up, and I learned how to spice foods from my father, so I considered myself to have a jump start at cooking. Since 2010, I have found a passion for cooking, and what better way to share my passion then to post about recipes I’ve tried.
Lastly, growing up my mother was a bargain shopper. She wasn’t too heavy on coupons, but she never left the store without a good deal. I learned early on what to look for in the stores, and how to bargain shop. I think this one trait goes a long ways, especially with today’s economy. I recently started researching how to coupon and once I become a pro, I’m for sure going to share my finds with you guys.

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